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     The cleaners from ElmParkCarpetCleaners were lifesavers! I booked them in for some deep cleaning at short notice and boy did they deliver.
Andy L19/05/2020
     I had to move recently because of work. I had to have my home cleaned before putting it on the market. One call to ElmParkCarpetCleaners was all it took. They got the job done and even came in under budget! They are a true asset.
Tina Brooks20/09/2019
     My dog decided to do his business on my bed and after chucking out all the bed sheets, I found the smell still wasn't going from my bedroom. My friend gave me Elm Park Carpet Cleaning's phone number and the cleaners were so helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention affordable. Thank God for cleaners!
     I couldn't be happier with my cleaners from ElmParkCarpetCleaners! They're always cheerful and ready to get down to cleaning... a job less than relished by most, particularly by me! They usually take care of cleaning my kitchen and bathroom and vacuuming my carpets, but every six months or so I get them to wash my windows and get to those hard to reach areas like light fixtures and the oven. Great work guys! An absolute delight!
Rhys E.15/01/2015
     ElmParkCarpetCleaners exceeded all my expectations. I was interested in the help of a cleaning firm of some stain removal and they did everything required. They gave me a good deal and had helpful call staff. Their cleaner cam promptly and was very skilled. He quickly worked to clean my home and the result was superb. My home is cleaner than ever and the experience was pleasant. I am very impressed with their services and will recommend them to anyone.
Norman Taylor18/12/2014
     Coming home to a clean home really is a load off your mind. A hard days work shouldn't be followed by more back-aching work, should it? I can relax during the evenings now, and I've got ElmParkCarpetCleaners to thank for that. Their service in general is superb, and hiring them was a breeze. They were easy to afford too - their comprehensive cleaning and tidying package is something that I can work into my budget every couple of weeks or so, with no problems! I really should have hired them a long time ago, I can't imagine my life without them!
Edna Payne21/08/2014
     I've only ever cleaned the house myself, but for one big spring clean I was going to hire in the professionals. With little time to do everything myself, I thought it would be best to make sure that everything was done as quickly as possible. ElmParkCarpetCleaners were the company I chose to help me and I made a really great choice. Their help was exactly what I needed in order to make sure that the house was as clean as it could possibly be and everything they did was quick, efficient and really, really effective. Great service, highly recommended.
Ruth Rogers04/06/2014
     I've always had a cleaner, for as long as I can remember. It just makes sense in my head, though I understand why others feel it a bit of a luxury. The simple fact is that I terrible at cleaning, and they are excellent! With that in mind, it can be hard to find a new cleaning company when you need to, and that is why I am here helping you out by suggesting that you use ElmParkCarpetCleaners! They are really great at what they do, and certainly make my house look better than it ever has before, with what seems like very little effort! A simple but effective cleaning service, which I suggest you get involved with!
Kerry Newton05/03/2014
     I wanted to write a review about ElmParkCarpetCleaners because I've never received such a high level of service from any other cleaning company in the past. I wanted to find a one-off cleaner at really short notice and I was relieved to find this company, but I was more than impressed with the job they did on my house! It didn't take long for my cleaner to make my house look absolutely amazing, and it was such a fast and unobtrusive service that I barely noticed anyone was in the house! Great service, friendly and experienced cleaners and low prices. What more could you want from your cleaning company?
Eleanor R.20/01/2014

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